Conveyor Belt

"People want to personalize their luggage...this is the best way by far."

...Andrew Dufresne
CEO,Travel Giant

Airport/Luggage Facts

  • Between 400 and 750 bags-a-day are mishandled,lost or stolen in a single airport
  • 20 to 60 million pieces of luggage go through a typical airport in a year
    (70% of those bags are black)
  • Stealing unidentified luggage is common in today’s busy airports

Airport Security

BagRagz are a non-locking device and can be easily slid on or slid down to allow full access at TSA checkpoints. We still encourage all travelers to include their name and contact information on each piece of luggage.


We construct BagRagz to be durable and free from defects. Wear and tear is a certainty during travel. If the product is defective, not due to wear and tear from the customer, the item can be exchanged for a like item.


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